Frequent questions

What causes the typical baldness in men?

The typical male baldness is due to coercion between heredity and the male hormone testosterone. That is, in most cases baldness is not a disease but a genetic feature, which requires hormone testosterone produced by the testicles, to cause hair loss. The only permanent solution is natural hair transplantation.

What does hair transplantation consist of?

Hair transplantation is the placement of hair follicles resistant to the effects of testosterone on the bald areas to create a look of naturalness and abundance. These follicles are obtained from the back and sides of the scalp of the same patient without affecting the area.

Is it necessary for my hair to be shaved off, for the procedure?

NO!, In TRANSPEL® we understand the importance of discretion and we know that is valuable to you return to your everyday life immediately, so no shave your hair or leave spaces without hair in the donor area.

How the hair is obtained?

Mainly we use two extraction techniques; Interrupted extraction and uno x uno®. Removing interrupted technique avoids the conventional taking a long strip, prevents scarring inadequate, (no need to shave the donor area) and allows the use of up to 98% of the follicles. The technique Uno x Uno® allows for each hair individually through a cut with a punch, biopsy punch or pen, scarring with this technique produces small but numerous holes, it is a slow process (even in expert hands) which forces us to make small sessions due to increasing exposure to the environment grafts and risk of drying out or losing the right temperature. On the other hand it is necessary to shave the hair of the patient, said the above, this technique is only indicated in small bald spots or eyebrow transplant, leg, beard and mustache.

Is it a high-risk procedure?

NOT! Hair transplantation is limited exclusively to the skin and nobler than most dental visits procedure. All material used is new, sterile and disposable.

What medical tests will I need for my transplant?

For your safety YES! Indeed, hair transplantation in all its variants is a minor medical procedure and it is important to determine the health status of patients, and to evaluate the management of patients with pre-existing conditions (exp. Diabetes mellitus, blood clotting problems, etc.)

It is painful?

NO !, Only superficial skin works and is so noble that only requires local anesthetic like when visiting the dentist.

What are the advances in recent years in surgery for baldness?

• Dense Packing Technique planted.
What is it? Planting technique allows up to 40% more hair than any other technique per square centimeter. With this technique the vast majority of our patients achieve the desired result in a single session. TRANSPEL® is one of only four centers in the Americas that can achieve a cosmetically pleasing density in a single session.

• Extraction technique trichophytic interrupted.
What is it? Extraction technique that avoids the conventional making a long strip, thus improving healing of the donor area, offers utilization of 98% of the donor hair.

• Extraction Technique Uno x Uno®
What is it? The donor hair is obtained by a cutting punch or "pen".
* Select and apply the most appropriate technique in each case reduces the number of surgeries, shorten the period for final results, reduce the overall cost of treatment and creates a totally undetectable aspect of your new hairline.

What is a Follicular Unit Transplantation?

This technically sophisticated procedure is to obtain the hair follicles with three-dimensional microscopy. This technology enables a thinner graft without surrounding skin (unlike grafts type "punch" or "strand")which produces a totally natural and undetectable appearance and allows using the "Dense Packing" method with which a high percentage of patients resolve their baldness in one session.

How is the procedure performed?

In what type of baldness is this procedure more effective?

• Male pattern baldness.
• Baldness by scars that result from accidents, burns, surgery and radiation.
• Loss of eyebrows and eyelashes.
• Baldness due to diseases of the scalp.
• Female Baldness.
• Absence or lack of beard, "lock" and / or pin.

Can/or should body hair be transplanted?

All experts worldwide consider body hair (chest, back, arms, etc.) should be used only as a last resort, because this hair has other characteristics (color, texture, length) and a high risk of lost over the years.

What aspect is achieved after preforming this technique?

The artistic technique (Shingle Point Hairline Design®) developed by Dr. Arturo Sandoval Camarena, have allowed TRANSPEL® surgeons to create lines hair indistinguishable from an original line; the look is soft, natural and dense. The hair can be combed, cut, and styled the way the patient wishes.

Is it expensive?

Comparatively not. Hair transplantation lasts a lifetime and does not require maintenance, the individual cost depends on several factors valued only through consultation; such as the degree of baldness, hair donor characteristics such as color, texture, diameter and density of the donor area.

Is there a proven drug therapy?

Only one drug has proven to have a beneficial effect on hair: Finasteride, so far the studies have observed that provides limited results and should only be indicated in perfectly selected cases after an evaluation of their baldness microscope in consultation with a doctor.

What can patients with a large and difficult baldness do to optimize their outcome?

For patients with extensive baldness with little donor hair are adjunctive treatments performed to remove hundreds of centimeters of baldness and improve the performance of the donor area: Expander scalp tissue expander, such procedures significantly improve the outcome and decrease substantially the overall cost of your treatment.

Does it leave a scar?

So far there is no globally, a technique that avoids completely the formation of some sort of scar in the donor area; however, the TRANSPEL® techniques only work the surface of the skin, prevent conventional making a large strip and improve healing of donor area up to 80%.

Does it require recovery time?

No physical disability, you can return to work and to normal activities the next day, however we recommend not to make extreme or heavy exercise for 5 days.

Can the implanted hair fall out?

No!, it preserved for life or the time it remains in the neck.

Will the implanted hair need any special care?

DO NOT! The transplanted hair is washed, fixed, and care will comb the same way he did when he was in the area of the neck.

How many sessions will I need?

It is difficult to pinpoint the number of sessions as this depends on the patient's expectation of the evolution of baldness, the performance of your donor area and quality of donor hair, however in TRANSPEL® the experience of most patients with large bald spots proves that with two sessions and you are done in your life.

How long will you need to wait between sessions?

If your economy or your time forces you to divide a session, the transplant can be performed on consecutive days as long as the donor area permits, can perform transplantation in a day and in a single session to be incorporated into its activities the next day.

Are women candidates for transplant?

These cases should be evaluated in great detail and only doctors through medical consultation can determine who is a candidate for transplantation.

Is it possible to clone the hair?

First we must clarify that "cloning" is not the right term, because the research focuses on multiplying the hair within a crop, essentially the process will get a sample of donor hair and this in fragment it into smaller samples They are placed in crops and over a few months achieve these cells reproduce. New cells may be transplanted.
Unfortunately advances in recent years have been minimal and still can not specify a date for the implementation of it and whether that is practical and affordable.

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